Agroforestry Policy Briefings? Why?

From the European Green Deal to the Farm to Fork Strategy, and from the Biodiversity Strategy to the draft Forestry Strategy, agroforestry is becoming unavoidable as a go-to solution to climate change mitigation, adaptation, resilience and biodiversity. And best of all? It makes money, too!

And yet its fantastic potential is still not really understood by the wider policy-making and agricultural communities. To be fair, it can be hard to understand. Agroforestry is a mix and match affair that is rarely taught in agricultural colleges, not much known by agricultural advisors, and certainly not by most members of policymaker cabinets.

But worry not, we are here to help!

We have prepared not one, not two, but 12 fantastic policy briefs to help you get to grips with agroforestry's potential and to help you embed it in your national or European policies and farming systems. They cover everything from the green architecture of the CAP to its impact on the forestry strategy to its potential for climate change policies. Stay tuned!