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Join us!

If you reached this page there a high probabiity that you are expressing the desire to join Europe's most exciting agricultural organisation!

EURAF, the European Agroforestry Federation, brings together land users, farmers, pastoralists and academics that are all fascinated by the interplay between trees, crops and animals. As the research piles up, the conclusion becomes unescapable: agroforestry is the future!

By joining EURAF, you will have access to all our resources. There is the website, the newsletter, but also access to the executive committee and, through that, the ability to shape the way we conduct our lobbying work, our influencing work and our communications work. You also gain valuable support to craft your own, national lobbying and communications efforts.

You have two options to become a member. The first is to become an individual member. All you have to do is pay €30 to our bank account (see below) and you will be registered. But we strongly recommend that you choose the second option and join through your national association (if there is one – if not, see below). First, it's cheaper: the fee is only €10 a year per member. Second, the national associations all have the right to send a delegate to the executive committee. This means that your influence into the decision–making processes of EURAF is much clearer. You can also contact the treasurer or vice-treasurer for requesting a pre-invoice.

What if you come from a country that does not yet have a national agroforestry Association? You can work with an existing Association, for example a forestry forum, and have that organisation apply to join EURAF. Alternatively, you can create your own: all you have to do is find four friends willing to join, and the 5 of you can create an Association that will be recognised by our statutes, even if it is a purely informal one according to the laws of your country.

Agroforestry is exciting, and the world is beginning to recognise it. Thank you for joining forces with us!


Bank details:

please contact the treasurer