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FIRST EUROPEAN AGROFORESTRY CONFERENCE, 9-10 October 2012, Brussels (Belgium)

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"Priorities for European Agroforestry"

The European Agroforestry Federation (EURAF) organised the First European Agroforestry Conference in Brussels, on October 9-10, 2012.


9 October 2012

14:00 : Welcome address : Bert Reubens for the Flemish Ministry of Agriculture (10’)

14:10 : Welcome address : EURAF President (8’)

14:18 : Practical info : Jeroen Watté (2')

14:20-17:30 SESSION 1: Innovative avenues for agroforestry in Europe in the next decade: research, development and policy

10 October 2012

08:00-10:00 SESSION 2 (Ferraris auditorium): Hot spots, What's going on in Europe for agroforestry?

10:30-12:30 Parallel SESSION 3A (at the European Parliament) "Agroforestry: Trees for a Sustainable European Agriculture"
Meeting with European stakeholders (MEPs, Commission Officers, lobbyists)

20 EURAF delegates participated in the meeting.

More info (presentations and report) on the EBCD site

Agroforestry at the European Parliament from Marcello Faraggi on Vimeo.



10:30-12:30 Parallel SESSION 3B (Ferraris auditorium): Poster Presentations

For a choice of 10 posters : 3 minutes blitz presentations with three slides from 10:30 to 11:00

  1. Triennal production of wheat and barley in association with young pecan in the northeast of Tunisia. Banga Banga Kalala JP, Albouchi  A, Bouzaien G, Mejda A, Rejeb MN
  2. Trees in the agricultural area: a stable ecosystem decreasing the sensitivity of crops to climatic variability. Béduneau J, Gabory Y
  3. Field trees and hedges against climate changes. Bouler H, Sire F
  4. Signs of quality for the conservation and local use of native plant species. Boutaud M, Sire F, Monier S, Mayer C
  5. Research on silvo-arable systems with valuable broadleaves in Catalonia (NE Spain) Coello J, Piqué M, Baiges T
  6. Olive tree and annual crops association’s productivities under Moroccan conditions Daoui K, Fatemi Z, Bendidi AR, Razouk R, Chergaoui A, Ramdani A
  7. Inoculation of chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) saplings in a chestnut grove with Amanita caesarea (Scop.:Fr) Pers. mycelial inoculant and monitoring of its persistence in soil. Daza A, Camacho M, Grande MJ, Romero de la Osa L, Santamaría C
  8. Agroforestation and level of income in Italian rural areas and analysis of multifunctionality in rural development plan Galluzzo N
  9. The rural tree as a green network of agricultural landscapes Gabory Y
  10. Agroforestry system – its implementation in research and forestry practise in Slovenia. Grebenc T, Ferreirsla A, Premrl T, Vochl S
  11. Trees outside forest, markers of the evolution of landscapes and farming practices in Europe Guillerme S, Jimenez Y, Moreno D,  Maire E
  12. Root activity of some trees under agroforestry systems: can it be traced by soil chloride content? Hao  H, Grimald C, Thomas Z, Walter C
  13. Trace metal availability under different land uses (forest and agriculture). Ivezic V
  14. The field tree, a sustainable fixative of carbon. Laurandeau JM, Gabory Y
  15. Analysis and evaluation of agroforestry systems using landscape indicators Sidiropoulou A, Mantzanas K, Ispikoudis I
  16. Establishment of new agroforestry systems in northern Greece. Mantzanas K, Tsatsiadis E, Ispikoudis I, Papanastasis VP
  17. Towards the silvopastoral management of high quality timber plantation. The case of mature walnut in Mediterranean Spain. Moreno G, López-Díaz ML, Bertomeu M
  18. Cu dynamics in Q. rubra agroforestry systems after sewage sludge inputs Ferreiro-Domínguez N, Mosquera-Losada MR, Rigueiro-Rodríguez A
  19. Fertilization effect on pasture production and tree growth after 10 years establishment. Fernández-Núñez E, Mosquera-Losada MR, Rigueiro-Rodríguez A
  20. Pasture production on dense stands and fire risk. Rigueiro-Rodríguez A, Fernández-Núñez E, Mosquera-Losada MR
  21. Soil density and carbon sequestration changes in Prunus silvopastoral systems
    Mosquera-Losada MR, Ferreiro-Domínguez N, Lial-Lovera K, Urbán-Martínez I, Rigueiro-Rodríguez A
  22. Vegetation dynamics under Castanea sativa stand grazed with Celtic pigs. Santiago-Freijanes JJ, Ferreiro-Domínguez N, Rigueiro-Rodríguez A, Mosquera-Losada MR
  23. AMF and water retention in roots of four different agroforestry trees intercropped with maize. Mutabaruka R, C Mutabaruka C, Fernandez
  24. Exploring the Possibilities to Run Agroforestry Business in Greece. Nasiakou S, Vrahnakis M
  25. Train advisors in agroforestery(ies). Clément O, Schneider C, Robert A
  26. Paulownia trees planting in Sardinia (Italy) and its evaluation for agroforestry systems and sustainable land use. Puxeddu M, Marras G, Murino G
  27. Agroforestry management plans. Rebendenne M, Guillet P
  28. Agroforestry in Flanders: range, opportunities and barriers. Reubens B, Van Gils B
  29. Phosphor sorption kinetics in short rotation coppices of Robinia pseudoacacia L. on marginal post-mining areas in northeast Germany Slazak A, Freese D
  30. Assessment of ecosystem services provided by alley cropping systems for biomass production in Germany. Tsonkova PB, Freese D, Quinkenstein A, Böhm C
  31. Attitude of Flemish farmers towards agroforestry as a farming system. Van Gils B, Baeyens D, Wauters, Reubens B
  32. Delivering multiple ecosystem services in UK agriculture – can agroforestry do it all? Varah A, Jones H, Smith J,  Murray PJ, Potts SG
  33. Economic development of the rural tree biomass. Vicet JC, Guillet P
  34. Introducing N2 fixing species to improve the nitrogen balance in agroforestry systems: field and modeling approach by A Querné, JM Harmand, C Dupraz, J Wery

14:00-15:15 SESSION 4 (Ferraris auditorium): Fresh progress, novel evidence. What’s going on in Europe for agroforestry?

15:30-17:00 SESSION 5 (Ferraris auditorium): Building European consortia to address European calls dealing with agroforestry.

17:00-17:30 Conference Conclusions:

  • Report from the European Parliament Session
  • Synthesis of the communications
  • Conference Statement Approval

On behalf of the Scientific and Organising Committee,

Rosa Mosquera, EURAF Secretary

Christian Dupraz, EURAF President

EURAF wishes to thank the Flemish Government for their support in providing the Boudewijn and Ferraris auditoria for this event.