The 5th italian RAIN meeting ends with a new appointment!

The AFINET project, towards the conclusion, at the 5th meeting of the italian Regional Agro-Forestry Innovation Network, leaves a group of shared and active participation, capable of its autonomy even after the end of the project.

The last meeting of the Regional Agroforestry Innovation Network (RAIN) took place on 27 June 2019 at the farm “Il Fossile”. A meeting different from the others organized during the AFINET events, not just a moment of knowledge transfer on agroforestry, but a moment of direct confrontation, ideas implementation and project start-up.

After an interesting visit to the agroforestry farm “Il Fossile”, the participants examined the innovation materials produced by the project and discussed the route taken together in AFINET, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses.

The CNR-IRET of Porano, which coordinates the network of Italian stakeholders within the European network of AFINET, underlines the exceptional result due to the natural sustainability of the network even after the end of the project. The farmers decided to continue an experience of cooperation in total autonomy.

The meeting ended in fact with a new appointment in July. A bottom-up path will take place. This process comes from the will of each of the participants at the fifth RAIN meeting and, it will be able to achieve the results set in total autonomy. At the center of the discussion is the enhancement of agroforestry systems and the collaboration between producers for a marketing strategy that becomes territorial promotion and environmental and food education. In a landscape where industrial agriculture is still struggling to be abandoned in favor of more resilient and sustainable systems, this is a really promising result!

See the video of the meeting!!