Polish RAIN members validate the list of agroforestry innovations during the third meeting

The third Polish Regional Agroforestry Innovation Network meeting was held on 10th July 2018, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m in the Central Agicultural Advisory Centre at Kraków.

The meeting was chaired by Robert Borek and Małgorzata Gałczyńska.

22 stakeholders attended the 3rd RAIN meeting, half of them being practitioners (farmers/foresters).

Considering the results of second RAIN meeting, the group discussed how to develop agroforestry in Poland in the context of national legislative acts and regulations and how include it in quality assessment systems with possible use of existing procedures and systems e.g. those existing within organic agriculture framework.

The short description of country-specific innovations of 88 AFINET innovations list was given, and then gradually each of them was discussed by RAIN members in order to  implement them under Polish conditions.

Finally, different initiatives on agroforestry in Europe have been presented to stimulate debate on possible synergies with RAIN activities, particularly in terms of Central and Eastern Europe.