“Agroforestry Systems: from Research to Application - Cork Oak tree and more!"

Next 13th of September is the chosen date for the Portuguese Regional event and 5th meeting of the Portuguese RAIN under the AFINET project. This is organized under the scope of one more seminar “From research to application - Cork Oak tree and more!” by CEF (Forest Research Centre), from Instituto Superior de Agronomia, that have been taking place since 2014.

These events are meant for the RAIN members - farmers, consultants, researchers and public bodies, but also to the general public with an interest in agroforestry, which is a type of climate-smart agriculture who also helps reducing rural fires.

The main objectives of the meeting are: to disclosure the AFINET materials, innovative good-practices and results from PhD thesis recently published by CEF and ISA research teams.

The meeting will kick off at 9h/9h30 (local time). In the morning there will be a few presentations about "Techniques for rainwater harvesting in drought-prone ecosystems"; "Hedges and Shelterbelts: Opportunities"; "Thinning of young cork oak tree plantations: tree competition versus information on cork quality"; "Cork oak stands understory management: impacts on the tree and cork"; "Cork oak stands understory management: impacts on the soil" and "What about after 2019? AFINET RAIN members survey results". 

After lunch there will be a field trip to visit young cork oak tree plantations located on agroforestry farms near the Observatório do Sobreiro e da Cortiça.