About KC

Are you looking for good agroforestry (AF) practices, latest news, scientific achievements or just interested in agroforestry?  The AFINET Knowledge Cloud has been developed to help you to find AF-related information.

The AFINET Knowledge Cloud (KC) is an online source of all kind of information about agroforestry. It integrates and synthesizes existing pools of information. It includes knowledge coming from the Regional Agroforestry Innovation Networks (RAINs), innovative practices and experiences, regional, national and international project results, as well as grey and scientific literature.

Agroforestry-related sources are available by using OpenAIRE search function integrated in the KC. In this way, the AFINET Knowledge Cloud will provide access to a wide range of AF-related information. For more information, see the “Search Manual”

In the same time, users of the KC can also upload AF-related sources by using the “Upload” function. Thus, this knowledge base is able to be constantly developed through the AFINET community and also by visitors from outside the RAINs.

Dear Visitor! You are invited to test the search and upload functions of AFINET KC!

If you would like not only to search in the KC but also to share an AF-related publication with other stakeholders or the wider public, please feel free to use the upload  function. All kind of contribution is warmly welcome! For more information, see the “Upload Manual”