Whitehall Farm – planting to improve economic returns

Stephen and Lynn Briggs are tenant farmers at Whitehall Farm in Cambridgeshire. They have integrated trees into their wheat, barley, clover and vegetable-producing business, establishing the largest agroforestry system in the UK.

Enterprise Stacking & Agroforestry

In this short vlog, Tim Field of Agricology discusses using a Woodland Trust grant to plant 800 trees on a 30 acre field which currently comprises of established chicken ranges.

The Lakes Free Range Egg Company - trees mean better business

David Brass, CEO of The Lakes Free Range Egg Company, is a recognised advocate of tree planting as an active part of farm management. Introducing trees to his farm, David is not only seeing commercial benefits but also helping to improve animal health.

Haywood Oaks Farm – how tree planting can save the soil

Nottinghamshire farmers and father and son Richard and James Thomas can recall more than one occasion when he stood watching his livelihood literally wash away before his eyes. The problems of water and wind erosion were worsening at his farm. Strategically positioned shelter belts can protect topsoil against the dangers of erosion from wind and rain, improving the productivity of a farm.