Making a pollard

On a buffer strip, at the boundary of an arable field, farmer Vincent Blagny is showing us how to pollard naturally established ash trees. Why so? The answers seem obvious: buffer strips can become, for farmers and other users, a productive space providing low cost biomass and biodiversity, fostering sustainable and profitable agricultural development at both farm and landscape level.

Seminário Gestão Agroflorestal Pós-Fogos em Montado

Cerca de 60 pessoas participaram no workshop intitulado “O papel da Gestão Agroflorestal na prevenção e recuperação pós-fogo em Montados”, que incluiu uma visita a área de montado ardida no Verão de 2017. 

Sheep as forest managers

Otto Makkonen introduces the Vaahermäki farm, an agroforestry system combining sheep and forests.

The farm was established in the end of the 1800s.