Agroforestry in Finland

At present, in Finland there is no national agroforestry association. However, there is some know-how on agroforestry, but this is mostly related to agroforestry in the (sub-)tropics:

-          Finland to support Agroforestry in Finland (link)

-          Agroforestry systems for sustainable livelihoods and improved land management in the East Usambara Mountains, Tanzania (link)

There is some activity inside Finland as well. The WWF has a project in Finland where they try to promote woodland grazing and pasture beef. The website is available in Finnish language only (link).

In addition non-wood forest products (NWFP) are of importance in Finland. The STARTREE project produced a case study on NWFP in the North Karelia region in Finland (link). Some SME’s are involved in this project and some of them make quite good business (read more). There was even a short documentary about it on Euronews (links).

Reindeer husbandry has a long tradition in Finland / more. Further information and pictures can be found on the

Finnish Reindeer herders' association's website.

Source: Michael den Herder (April 2015)