United Kingdom

Our goal at Lynbreck is to build a profitable, small farm business where every decision outcome must have a positive environmental impact.
Alexa Varah carried out her PhD in the Centre for Agri-Environment Research at Reading University, UK and with the Organic Research Centre, UK.
The general layout of the farm (Google Earth UK postcode IP21 5SD) is a series of 2 ha alley-cropping systems, with all production hedges aligned north-south on each side of 12m wide cropping areas. There are two coppice systems (hazel, willow), two mixed hardwood systems (ash, hornbeam, Italian alder, oak, small-leaved lime, sycamore, wild cherry, with or without apple) and two mixed fruit and nut systems. The organic crop rotation (cereals-ley-potatoes/squash-ley-cereals) runs as a single cycle around the whole farm.