RAINs Members

Where are the RAINS

Finland RAIN - Coordinator: EFI

Boreal Climate
Agroforestry systems design based on:
- Traditional key biotopes.
- Woodland grazing and wood pastures with cows and sheep, chicken or bee keeping in orchards and different intercropping practices.

Spain RAIN - Coordinator: USC

Atlantic Climate
Agroforestry systems design based on:
- Better tree design to promote adequate crop development and deliver biomass for renewable energy production.
- Best combination of trees and livestock to increase the profitability of forestland, while reducing fire risk and preserve autochthonous

UK RAIN - Coordinator: ORC

Atlantic Climate
System design based on species choice:

- Tree/crop/livestock combinations based on livestock (ruminants and monogastrics), cereals, fruit and horticulture, timber and wood fuel.

France RAIN - Coordinator: AFAF

Atlantic Climate
Agroforestry systems design based on:
- Optimising system design (tree arrangement...) at landscape/watershed level (water and climate regulation, soil conservation...).

- Testing specific tree associations (fast and slow growing species).

- Adapting varieties to AF context (shadetolerance...).

Belgium RAIN - Coordinator: EV ILVO

Atlantic Climate
Agroforestry systems design based on:

- Fruit production.

- Wood production.

- Landscape integration.

- Animal welfare.

- Minimal erosion (for example swales).

Poland RAIN - Coordinator: IUNG-PIB

Continental Climate
Agroforestry systems design based on:
- Promotion of antierosion shelterbelts establishment in openfield landscape and on steep slopes.

- Presence of trees for the micro-climate regulation.

- The impact of trees and bushes on breeding parameters of grassland grazing animals.

- Development of best practices on structural and spatial features design for new plantings.

Hungary RAIN - Coordinator: NyME-KKK

Continental Climate
Agroforestry systems design based on:
- Presence of trees for microclimate regulation.
- Shelterbelts, windbreaks for enhancing agricultural production and protection of land/line infrastructure.

Tree/crop/livestock combinations based on:
- Cropped arable and horticultural land.
- Temporary and permanent grasslands.
- Land used for fodder/energy production.

Italy RAIN - Coordinator: IBAF-CNR

Mediterranean Climate

Systems design based on the main crops:

- Viticulture, oliveculture, wheat, tobacco, fodder crops, olive cultivation.

Portugal RAIN - Coordinator: ISA

Mediterranean Climate

- Tree/crop/animal species choice and tree density definition for alley cropping systems

- Crop/animal species choice for a sustainable regeneration of ‘montado’ AF systems.

- Tree design for preventing/limiting soil erosion and increasing soil fertility.