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"Agriculture that regenerates nature? It’s just obvious.”

"Agroforestry is not just the trees you put in the landscape. Agroforestry is recognizing that a landscape is a complex dynamic over both space and time that includes the trees, crops, and animals,” Patrick Worms, who was interviewed by agroforestry consultancy reNature, said. “The keystone species in every one of those systems are humans. You cannot do agroforestry well unless you deal with the humans. That means the communications, the PR, trying to get it out there. 
The to-do list for agriculture is immense, Patrick pointed out: feed a growing planet, draw down carbon from the atmosphere, rebuild soils, restore lost biodiversity, become more resilient to erratic weather and operate in environments with less and less rainfall but more drought and more salinity. “That means we must understand how the planet works and manage it well. That’s why regenerative agriculture is so important: it draws down carbon and produces food. It can help with about 30% of emissions. That’s why regenerative agriculture is the new black.”