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Workshop with Ernst Götsch: a networking meeting

The new Foundation Capellino held a “Workshop with Ernst Gotsch” on October 26-27 2019, in San Salvatore Monferrato, Northern Italy.

It opens its consultancy, given by Ernst Gotsch for “Regenerating Villa Fortuna” project to, practitioners and scientist from all Europe that are close to “Successional Agroforestry” approach. The consultancy was followed by a seminar and an open presentation of the scientific project. The presentation can be read here.

The aim of the seminar was to discuss how to apply the successional Agroforestry concept to temperate pedo-climate and how apply research methods to that system. All the participants (Ernst Gotsch, scientists, farmers) had been invited to intervene in order to have a complete and replicable analysis system.

A successional agroforestry system is complex, and it requires not only an adequate scientific based method, whose definition is one of the aims of the project, but also several cases of studies replicate in different pedoclimate condition in all Europe.

This networking meeting was only the beginning of a new path, in which the cooperation between practice, essential to observe the natural succession of temperate ecosystem in a functional way, and research, necessary to provide availability to the system implemented through a recognized method. Villa Fortuna project will be only the pioneer case study of many.

Villa Fortuna team thanks all the participants and contributors.