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Agroforestry is getting a global voice!

Those of you who joined us in Montpellier for the World Congress on Agroforestry will remember that the conference saw the launch of IUAF, the International Union of Agroforestry. Its board, which includes 3(!) former or current EURAF presidents, has since managed to raise offers of financial support from France and the Czech Republic, developed and refined its statutes, and is about to formally incorporate IUAF in Prague, where the government has offered it financial support and the Czech University of Life Sciences free office space. 

As with any new international organisations, getting it right at the start saves a lot of trouble down the road. For that reason, the board has been polishing the statues to within an inch of perfection over the past months. These have just been translated into Czech and will be presented, along with all of the supporting legal documentation, to a court in Prague for formal incorporation.