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IUAF from idea to reality!

2021 saw a crucial development for global agroforestry: finally, IUAF, the international union of agroforestry, moved from idea to reality in that it secured the wonderful support of the government of the Czech Republic, following which its board decided that its headquarters would be established in Prague. IUAF enjoys rent-free office space courtesy of the faculty of tropical Agriculture of the Czech university of life sciences, courtesy of a gracious gesture by the Rector of the University. 
The last weeks of the year so confirmation by the countries minister of agriculture of a promise of financial support initially made in late 2019. Soon, I knew AF will be in a position to start selecting its first Secretary General.
Meanwhile, it has already taken its very first decision: where to host the next world Congress on agroforestry. On 25th November, it announced that the next WCA will be held in Québec City, Canada, in 2022. Its organisation will be spearheaded by colleagues from the Université Laval.  See you all in Québec!
Fittingly for this modern world, that announcement was made on Facebook. Go and like the IUAF page here !