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Kick-off for (new) Agroforestry Network Netherlands


The breakthrough of agroforestry in the Netherlands

In recent years, various parties have worked hard to put agroforestry in all its forms on the map. And with success! The potential of agroforestry is widely recognized when it comes to climate adaptation and mitigation, biodiversity and as an innovative revenue model for farmers.

In order to use this energy as effectively as possible, practice, governments and knowledge institutions are working together in one new national network; the Agroforestry Network Netherlands. With this network, we bundle the knowledge and experience that has been gained and we work together on new projects and knowledge development on various themes. Our ultimate goal is a diverse landscape in which chicken runs are wooded, cows can snack on feed hedges and food forests bridge the gap between agriculture and nature. In short, a landscape in which agroforestry is a widely recognized and applied form of nature-inclusive agriculture.

On December 6, the Agroforestry Network Netherlands presented itself during an online event with a program full of interactive workshops and fascinating speakers.

For example, Jannemarie de Jonge (National Advisor for the Living Environment) gave her vision on agroforestry, an agricultural entrepreneur talked about his experiences with agroforestry and the DG Agro Marije Beens spoke on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

The workshops provided insight into and offer opportunities for joint discussion of, among other things, the design, marketing, research and regulations regarding agroforestry. All this to motivate the network to contribute to building this new living and growing network!


Piet Rombouts, EURAF delegate Netherlands