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Agroforestry map of EUROPE

If you wish to contribute to this map, please contact the delegate of your country or send us an email to euraf2011 at gmail dot com.


You can also do a further reading on the published paper "Current extent and stratification of agroforestry in the European Union" -

This map is a follow-up of the FP7 AGFORWARD milestone 28 report and we are willing to continue to improve the map overtime.


For editing the map:

1 - Go to top right on the map of this page and select for larger view (will open a new browser tab, so be aware of popup-blockers ). Or just open the map here

2 - On the map, above the legend on the left, find the link "Edit" and click.

3 - Select the layer (Agroforestry category) where you want to add your agroforestry pin (active layer shows a blue bar on the left of the selected layer)

4 - On top, below the search box, select the pin icon

5 - Zoom to the location an click to throw the pin to desired agroforetry location. You can select and dragg it to improve ve location

6 - To edit the info in the new point, click on the pin, then on the little pen (edit fields). A) Replace "Point NN" and give a proper name to the point (this will be shown in the legend), B) provide the Region, C) provide a description  of the agroforestry and don't foret to add pictures by clicking in the camera on bottom right of the fields (this will popup a window fo you to upload pictures, as many as you like, but max 10 is a good reference ;)  

7 - Click the save button. That's it.