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News and Events


Both the events have given the opportunity to present and promote EURAF 2020 conference in Nuoro (Sardinia) next May.


Minister Andrew Doyle spoke at BioFarm 2019 – Ireland’s Biological Farming Conference.


One of the events was a conference where were made a number of important decisions regarding agroforestry.


The aim of the seminar was to discuss how to apply the successional Agroforestry concept to temperate pedo-climate and how apply research methods to that system. All the participants (Ernst Gotsch, scientists, farmers) had been invited to intervene in order to have a complete and replicable analysis system.


"The Guardian" published a long article from bread to agroforestry and Martin Wolfe. "He understood earlier than most that adding more chemicals was not a sustainable answer, and looked for different ways to grow healthy crops".


EcoSummit 2020 will have a focus on coastal and marine ecosystems including adjacent terrestrial ecosystems and all habitats that are integrated within those ecosystems, including river networks, wetlands and catchments.


The Portuguese delegates of the Executive Committee from the European Agroforestry Federation (EURAF) are concerned about the transfer of the National Office of Forests from the Portuguese Ministry of Agriculture, Forest and Rural Development to the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Action, as a result of the new government constitution after the election held on 6th of October 2019.


International conference “Afforestation in a changing climate” highlighted the need of agroforestry implementation in Central and South-Eastern Europe.


Dagnija Lazdina and Arta Bardule are EURAF's Latvian national delegate and sub-delegate.


After two years of activities to organize the event, two postponements due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 5th European Agroforestry Conference - EURAF2020 was held online on the 17th -19th of May 2021.


The film includes farmers’ stories, from 9 different European countries, about their relationship and experiences with Agroforestry. 




They were elected recently by an electronic vote of the 109 French members of EURAF.

Photo by: Gabriela Brändle, Agroscope

Agroforestry systems on this 9% of agricultural land could mitigate up to 43% of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions in Europe it is stated in a media release of Felix Herzog (Swiss sub delegate) and Sonja Kay (EURAF member).

Photo by: Anastasia Pantera

Greek EURAF members published a paper on Agroforestry Systems journal.

Martin in his element on the plot combine at Wakelyns

His revolutionary challenge to conventional farming systems was backed up by practical, yet rigorous research and enthusiastic persuasiveness. His inspiration for greater diversity in the way we produce our food will be sorely missed, but not forgotten.


A substantial part of the review paper is devoted to identifying research needs, such as investigating how the context, design and management of silvoarable systems influences pest control and pollination. In addition, more research is needed to investigate the outcome on ecosystem functions and services, such as predation rates, pest damage and crop pollination, and to evaluate how this could affect profitability and resilience.


EURAF was represented by Adolfo Rosati (Deputy National Delegate for Italy), Rico Hübner (EURAF Deputy Secretary) and Nuria Ferreiro-Domínguez (National Delegate for Spain).

Leo Murphy (land wwner), Professor Jim McAdam (EURAF's sub delegate and Professor), Andrew Doyle (Minister of State), Eugene Curran (EURAF's national delegate).

Irish minister participed in farm Open Day that was very well attended. Those present heard both from the owner, his forester and the Department on how best to consider an agri-forestry project. They also heard about the additional benefits of agro-forestry landscape enhancement, animal welfare, improved biodiversity, land drainage, positives for water quality, and timber production potential.


The authors are leading researchers and practitioners with decades of experience in agroforestry from the UK and around the world.


EURAF's president Patrick Worms is one of the interviewed in this article about Herdade do Freixo do Meio, in Portugal, where the owner started almost 30 years ago a new way of land managing. “It offers resilience against fires and global heating and it soaks up the carbon,” Alfredo Sendim says.