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Francesca CAMILLI : our new EURAF Deputy President!


Francesca Camilli is a researcher at the Institute for the BioEconomy of the National Research Council of Italy, CNR-IBE, and member of AIAF, the Italian Agroforestry Association. She graduated in Biological Sciences at the University of Florence and got my PhD in Geography and Commodities Sciences at the University of Bari.

Francesca is interested on rural development issues and believes that research in agroforestry is a strong encouragement towards that. Particularly, she is interested in the socioeconomic and cultural issues of agroforestry which can provide a more comprehensive understanding of the dynamics underlying rural development processes.

Since her graduation she experienced different fields of work and study. From research in pharmacology to the attendance of a class in epidemiology and public health at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, from teaching in public schools as school support to gipsy Rom kids, to working at environmental and health consultant agency.

She returned to research in early 2000 when she started coordinating, as project leader and/or scientific tutor, many projects and activities related to rural development, with special concern to marginalized rural areas and the exploitation of local rural resources.

Such experiences have made her get skills in networking on one side, but also to appreciate the value of interdisciplinary and the need consider it when approaching the study of complex systems as that are represented also by agroforestry.

She is member of the cultural Association "Caffescienza" of Florence, through which she dedicates herself to the diffusion of science to the public.

She is in EURAF2020 organizing committee.

She loves good reads, cinema and travelling. She is fond of art and she has recently organized webinars entitled "La scienza nell'arte" (Science in art) by which to observe artworks through the perspective of different scientific disciplines.



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