A Secretary General for EURAF



EURAF, the European Agroforestry Federation, lobbies for the adoption of agroforestry across Europe's farms and encourages research into this transformative land use system.


Agroforestry draws down carbon from the atmosphere and insulates farms against the worst effects of the climate crisis. Helping farmers adopt it is becoming increasingly urgent.

Do you have what it takes to bring agroforestry to the next level? If so, you could be our first...
Secretary General


 Based in Brussels and reporting to the EURAF Board of Trustees, you will:

  • Set up and manage a professional office, including reporting, financial reporting, human resources and general administration
  • In partnership with the EURAF board, develop, plan and implement effective lobbying and influencing strategies targeting the European institutions
  • Support EURAF members in the development and implementation of national lobbying strategies
  • be a proactive networker, reaching out to supporters across the ‘Brussels bubble’
  • produce insightful, regular reports on the cut and thrust of agricultural, environmental and climate policy-making in Brussels

In addition, you will be managing the internal life of the Federation by

  • organising a biannual General assembly in collaboration with the country hosting that years European agroforestry conference
  • maintaining effective and up-to-date membership list and accounts
  • preparing documents for the meetings of the board and and of the executive committee and attend those meetings as a nonvoting member

You will be an effective fundraiser pursuing these avenues:

  • coordinating and supporting members preparing proposals under competitive scientific calls, eg Horizon Europe
  • helping to draft proposals for these calls
  • identify funding opportunities and run a fundraising effort targeting other EU instruments, foundations, corporations and wealthy individuals
  • you will seek to write EURAF into project proposals as a full partner tasked with lobbying, communications and coordination activities and, in case of wins, you will coordinate the resulting work

You will aggressively raise the profile of agroforestry in Europe by:

  • being an extremely active user of social media
  • generating an exploiting opportunities to please pro agroforestry stories in online and print media
  • being an active voice in events, workshops, seminars and debates organised in Brussels
  • coordinating and publishing a regular newsletter
  • taking over the maintenance and expansion of our website

To help you deliver this ambitious agenda, you will have a Masters in a relevant discipline, boast a few years’ experience working on related issues at a European level, be multilingual with fluent and elegant written and spoken English, and be passionate about nature based solutions. Ideally, you will be familiar with the world of agriculture and have a natural respect for the hard work of Europe's farmers. 

If you have what it takes, write to info [at] europeanagroforestry [dot] eu with a motivation letter and your CV - and do so until January 31st, 2022.