Spanish RAIN meet to present and promote innovative agroforestry initiatives

Over the event, around 20 Operational Groups from Galicia and the North of Portugal were presented, along with the calls for innovation projects in the agri-food sector,  both the national and regional  frameworks.

The participants, including farmers, multipliers, researchers and policy makers, interacted with each other in a session aimed at networking and proposing innovative ideas for new projects. At the brainstorming session the members demanded a more effective dissemination of the Operational Groups, from the opening of the calls for these grants to the results of ongoing or completed projects.

During the discussion it was highlighted the relevance of thecreation of a quality label that informs consumers of the benefits and social impact of products derived from sustainable farming, such as agroforestry. This idea had already appeared in previous RAIN meetings.

Attendees also referred to taking advantage of new products such as those derived from resin or mycology. Furthermore, they debated the opportunity to expand the market to other sectors apart from the agri-food, such as textiles or cosmetics.

Finally, according to the AFINET’s interest in creating synergies with other initiatives, the LIFE IN COMMON LAND project was also presented. It is aimed at preserving biodiversity in the Serra do Xistral, located within the Galician northern mountain ranges. A visit to the area had been organized to know these habitats, traditional land uses with wild ponies, but due to the rain it had to be cancelled.