Agroforestry Experiences

An italian agroforestry researcher with his backpack, for three weeks on the road. Read the details about this journey.
The meeting, held in Nuoro last Thursday the 17th, involved different representatives of local institutions and authorities (University of Nuoro, FoReSTAS, CNR-ISPAAM and CNR-IBIMET), to discuss the main management and organizational issues of EURAF 2020.
The main aim was to teach students about agroforestry practices at the local University of Barotseland and to identify potential multipurpose indigenous tree species, which may contribute to product diversification and improve livelihood strategies of rural communities.
In addition to the main benefit of fire reduction, this approach is hoped to generate other benefits in these marginal areas of the countryside, such as attract new inhabitants, new investment and economic diversification, thus maintaining or increasing the population and reducing land abandonment.