EU strategy on adaptation to climate change Media resource sheet

In a memo resource sheet, the European Commission mentions agroforestry systems (with an example from France) as instrumental to adapt to climate change.

“Agroforestry: Adaptation of plurispecific systems to climate change

Throughout France farmers have started experimenting with the concept of agroforestry. Agroforestry systems can be less vulnerable to climate change. In an agroforestry scheme trees provide shelter to crops and reduce the risks induced by high spring temperatures.

In Montpellier an agroforestry scheme has been implemented for 20 years. The scheme mimics some features of natural ecosystems, yet is driven by farmers and forest managers to deliver a range of goods and services. In France, about 3,000 hectares of agroforestry systems are now planted each year and it is expected that within the next 25 years, about 500,000 hectares of agroforestry schemes will have been implemented.”

You may download the 8-page memo in the link below.