Two french regional projects started in 2018

In spring 2018, two EIP operational groups (EU funded) have been started in Provence, both dedicated to agroforestry:

  • 'Depasse' project, dealing with silvopasture systems, with ongoing trials involving hence/sheeps in olive/apple orchards to assess their services on crop quality
  • 'SAM' project dealing with alley cropping, for arable crops, but also vegetable growing as the most considered system.

SAM project therefore organizes field trips, design workshops (picture), trainings...

A newsletter is also available (in french).

A map has been built with all ongoing agroforestry projects. Our great trainee Manoa participated to an EIP event in Saint-Jacques de Compostelle in order to introduce these initiatives. More information on these regional projects available here.  

These projects will long for four years, until 2021.

Report by francois [dot] warlop [at] grab [dot] fr (François Warlop)