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EURAF Policy work

One of the main objectives of EURAF is the support of policy implementation concerning agroforestry in Europe. To present, much work has been done in lobbying for the new Common Agricultural Policy.

From 2014 onwards, as part of its contribution to the FP7 Agforward project, EURAF will be doing in-depth policy analysis to identify the successes and understand the constraints linked to the adoption of agroforestry across Europe.

EURAF is participating in 7 of the 13 Civil Dialogue Groups (CDG) set up in autumn 2014 by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development. The groups in which we participate are: Arable Crops, Common Agricultural Policy, Direct Payments and Greening, Climate Change and Environment, Forestry and Cork, Organic Farming, and Rural Development. All groups meet twice yearly, beside the Arable Crops. Arable Crops meets almost monthly and deals with hops, olives, cereals, non-food crops, energy and other topics. With a total of 14 seats EURAF is the 12th most represented  of the 68 organization which are members of these groups.




One of the objectives of the AGFORWARD project is to promote the wider adoption of appropriate agroforestry systems in Europe through policy development and dissemination. The outoputs of this work include:


A report on the extent and success of policy measures to promote agroforestry across Europe. You can read the report in this link


A report on how policy can help the appropriate development and uptake of agroforestry. You can read the report in this link