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November, 2018 to November, 2020
Role of EURAF: 

EURAF supports AGFOSY project writing news on its website and social networks.


The final conference of the AGFOSY project was held on 2 November 2020.

Within the frame of AGFOSY ERASMUS+ project seven partners from six countries are working together to raise awareness and promote agroforestry measures across Europe. The project closed on November 30 with two fruitful years of successful collaboration.

The main result of the common work is a complex yet flexible training system that provide students, farmers, landowners and tutors with useful tools to implement agroforestry measures successfully on farms.  It is based on case studies and best practices that will provide farmers and landowners with the skills, knowledge and competencies to implement agroforestry systems on their own farms and thus bring a wide range of positive benefits to land management.

Organisers of the AGFOSY final conference hope all participants had a great time at the event! Anyone who may have missed it or want to watch it again can view the recording on the project’s facebook and twitter pages.