EURAF Conference, Nuoro 17-19 May 2021

5th European Agroforestry Conference

POSTPONED due to Covid-19

Agroforestry for the transition towards sustainability and bioeconomy 

18-20 May, 5-7 October 202017-19 May 2021, Nuoro, Italy

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The 5th European Agroforestry Conference (EURAF 2020): Agroforestry for the transition towards sustainability and bioeconomy will take place in Nuoro, Sardinia (Italy), from the 17th to the 19th of May 2021.

EURAF 2020 is promoted by EURAF, the European Agroforestry Federation, in collaboration with several Italian and local partners. This event will provide an important opportunity to exchange scientific ideas and results on agroforestry and discuss new and emerging directions in research and practice in the sector. 

The scientific committee welcomes contributions in the form of structured abstracts under the following Agforestry topics:

  • Climate change (adaptation and mitigation)
  • Enhancing ecosystem services provision by agroforestry systems
  • Biodiversity, and wildlife management
  • Landscape
  • Quality food products and certification
  • Policy
  • Wildfire prevention
  • Innovations toward innovative agroforestry systems
  • Managing Mediterranean agro-silvopastoral systems
  • Education, information sharing, and awareness raising in agroforestry
  • Rural tourism

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European Agroforestry Federation

Who we are

The European Agroforestry Federation (EURAF) aims at promoting the use of trees on farms as well as any kind of silvopastoralism throughout the different environmental regions of Europe. EURAF has about 280 members from 20 different European countries.

What we do

EURAF’s aim to promote the adoption of agroforestry practices across Europe by:

  • Any communication means, including lobbying for agroforestry adapted policies at the European scale.
  • Organizing a bi-annual conference.
  • Sending an electronic newsletter to all members.
  • Managing a dedicated website, with functionalities to share information, scientific results and policy issues on agroforestry.
  • Achieving specific agreements with national and international agroforestry societies or other related societies for the exchange of information and the organization of joint congresses, symposiums and seminars.
  • Meeting monthly to delineate actions to target awareness of agroforestry systems mainly at policy level.
  • Promoting events and participate in research projects providing networking throughout Europe.
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