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New Swedish delegates join the EURAF Executive Committee

At the recent annual meeting of the Swedish National Agroforestry Association, two new national delegates were elected to the EURAF Executive Committee. Katarina Holmdahl and Mauricio Sagastuy replace Elsa Lagerquist who has been a valued member of the committee for the last two years.

Katarina gained her BS in Environmental Biology and BA in English Communications in Colorado, then moved back to her home country of Sweden to continue her studies. Finding pragmatic solutions to current problems became a goal, and she currently works to increase the knowledge and market of hempcrete in Sweden, while building a food forest and gardening near the Skagerrack sea.

Mauricio works as an agroforestry teacher in Gothenburg, Sweden, where he teaches farmers how to create profitable agroforestry systems. Moreover, he is an active member of the NGO Agroforestry Sweden and chairman of the Eco Agroforestry Center, an organization working with agroforestry, ecotourism and social integration in Gothenburg, Sweden. His educational background is a Bachelor of Science in Forestry and Environment, and a Master of Science in Environmental Science. Additionally, he has worked with and researched about multistrata agroforestry systems in southern Bahia, Brazil.