AFINET closes with the Final Conference: Fostering agroforestry transition

AFINET Final Conference “Fostering Agroforestry Transition” took place on December 10th at the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Representation Office in Brussels. The event gathered over 30 people to discuss the role of agroforestry in the future of European agriculture.

Anastasia Pantera from the Agricultural University of Athens introduced the event, where Rosa Mosquera and Javier Rigueiro from USC presented the outcomes and results of the project.

There was also a round table formed by Tamas Szedlak, from the European Commission, DG Agriculture; Claudia Consalvo, farmer from Italy and Judit Csikvari, farmer from Hungary.

The conference was attended by agroforestry farmers, academics and EU institutions’ and Member States’ representatives, who participated in the round table sharing their perspective on the future of agroforestry in the context of European agriculture.

Recommendations on how to keep promoting agroforestry in Europe also came up, such as the need of a European Agroforestry Strategy, enhance the inclusion of trees in the CAP and improve training and education in agroforestry for different categories of stakeholders.