Agroforestry in Europe: a farmer testimony

Agroforestry (AF) is the practice of deliberately integrating woody vegetation (trees or shrubs) with crop and/or animal systems to benefit from the resulting ecological and economic interactions.

In Europe, agroforestry practices occupy over 20.5 million hectares. This video features AF farmers from the 9 participating regions of AFINET, focusing on the diversity of systems around Europ, their characteristics and their potential.

Meet AFINET Project

Do you have two minutes? Meet AgroForestry Innovation NETwork. AFINET aims to increase the use of agroforestry systems, a smart way to do agriculture.

AFINET - 3rd RAIN meetings

Between June and October 2018, more than 270 agents of the agroforestry sector from all over Europe met in the 9 regions where the AFINET project is acting.

AFINET Portuguese RAIN first meeting

Take a look how did it go the first portuguese RAIN meeting attended by a total of 30 RAIN members. During the meeting the participants were asked to identify bottlenecks/knowledge gaps and challenges/innovations from agroforestry systems covering silvopastoral, silvoarable and tree hedgerows systems. 

AFINET UK first workshop - Tree Fodder

In May 2017, Organic Research Centre held the first AFINET UK Workshop. Sharing Knowledge, improving practice and enhancing livelihoods were the aims of the meeting.

Beef cattle farming on wooded pastures

Meet Marcin Wójcik, a farmer in the Low Beskid Mountains. His farm is an organic farm with bovine meat production where they are introducing various agroforestry practices