Highlights of AFINET's participation in WCA 2019

The World Congress on Agroforestry took place in Montpellier on 20th to 22nd of May. More than 1000 delegates and leading keynote speakers from different profiles (researchers, policy makers, farmers, donors, government officials, students, the private sector and civil society members) and coming from all over the world gathered over three days to promote the progress of agroforestry science and practice in order to bridge the science-policy gap. And, of course, AFINET could not miss such event!

AFINET gathers over 50 people in a session about fostering agroforestry in Europe

The AFINET project had its own session in the WCA programme: The European Agroforestry Innovation Network: Fostering agroforestry in Europe.

The session was chaired by Anastasia Pantera, member of AFINET Stakeholders’ Advisory Board. Moreover, Innovation Brokers of the 9 European agroforestry networks presented each RAIN progresses and knowledge to other countries.

The AFINET session was a great opportunity to showcase the project in front of relevant agroforestry stakeholders from all over the world and strengthen our synergies and networks. 

AFINET film stars in World Congress on Agroforestry

A short version of AFINET film about Agroforestry was shown in the 4th World Congress on Agroforestry.

The film includes farmers’ stories, from 9 different European countries, about their relationship and experiences with Agroforestry. The definition of Agroforestry, the awareness about Agroforestry practices, the importance of animals and trees in the farm.... several topics are tackled in these testimonies starred by these farms, members of the AFINET project regional agroforestry innovation networks (RAINs)!

The full movie has already been released! Don’t miss it at AFINET Youtube channel!

Crucial role of the AFINET team throughout the event

Some of the AFINET partners, RAIN members and advisors were responsible for leading parallel sessions over the development of the Congress.

Some of the sessions starred by members of the AFINET team were:

  • Mitigating climate change with agroforestry
  • Silvopastoral systems: promoting rural development by increasing tree-animal-pasture relationships
  • Value chains and certification of agroforestry systems and products
  • Jobs, business, finance: can agroforestry make it great?

Furthermore, AFINET partners were also responsible for giving oral and poster presentations which cover different and relevant topics related to agroforestry innovations, forestry measures or policy.