II Polish Agroforestry Conference: "Perspectives of agroforestry development in Poland”

University of Life Sciences (SGGW) hosted in Warsaw, on the 25th January 2019, the 2nd Polish Agroforestry Conference "Perspectives of agroforestry development in Poland” with the aim to present current knowledge on agroforestry and Polish agroforestry farms.

The event has been organized by Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation in Puławy and funded by National Centre for Research and Development within the SustainFARM project (ERA-NET FACCE Surplus program). More than 60 people (researchers, farmers, brokers, advisers, educators) participated the conference.

Polish coordinator of SustainFARM presented “Agroforestry as a factor for local development of rural areas”. Piotr Tyszko-Chmielowiec from Eco-Development Foundation explained good practices and recommendations for Trees Outside Forests (ToF) in Poland, the results of the project “„Trees for Europe’s Green Infrastructure”.

The set of proposals in support of ToF sustainable management is considered as a cornerstone for successful implementation of agroforestry in Poland. Many practitioners shared their knowledge on planting and management of midfield trees.

Polish farmers presented agroforestry systems (e.g. silvopastoral with beef cattle, silvoarable with herbs (EIP Group), midfield hedgerows). Subjects covered also food values of innovative food products from trees.

The event was a big success and can be seen a milestone for agroforestry development in the country. Participants agreed to collaborate to promote AF using their available budgets and next activities (workshops, dissemination of guidelines and leaflets) have been planned in the coming year.