Polish RAIN debates on agroforestry development during the second meeting

The second Polish Regional Agroforestry Innovation Network meeting was held on 24th January 2018, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m in the Central Agicultural Advisory Centre at Brwinów, Mazovian voivodship.

Robert Borek and Małgorzata Gałczyńska chaired the meeting.

A total of 28 stakeholders attended the 2nd RAIN meeting, more than 1/3 of them being practitioners (farmers/foresters).

Present problems on AF development, identified during 1st RAIN meeting and in the survey were discussed during the brainstorm session led by the Innovation Broker with the use of flipchart, another part of discussion concerned possibilities to implement AF in Poland in terms of four considered categories/topics, based on previous opinions.

The presentation was given on identified AF case studies in Poland (39 practices), classified in three categories (silvopastoral systems, multifunctional shelterbelts, alternative agricultural practices including silvoarable systems).

Participants evaluated avenues for AF innovation under Polish conditions. In order to continue workings towards meeting the RAIN targets, two Working Groups have been set up: 1) the Working Group on developing agroforestry certification criteria, 2)  the Working Group on support systems for agroforestry.

All participants agreed to promote AF and take education activities based on the results of the AFINET project.