Second Portuguese RAIN meeting

The second portuguese Regional Agroforestry Innovation Network meeting took place on the 30th of January 2018 at Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA) in Lisbon.

Joana Amaral Paulo (the Innovation Broker) chaired the meeting.

36 RAIN members attended the meeting, which started with  a brief Project presentation to the new members by Joana Amaral Paulo. João Palma (CEF/ISA) presented the concepts of the knowledge platform - Knowledge Cloud.

During the meeting several of the RAIN members spoke about their experience and moderated the debates:

José Costa Gomes (EDIA): spoke about irrigated systems and new productions; innovations, bottlenecks and market potential; Maria Custódia Correia (RRN) spoke on definition of the best  agroforestry policies and incentive measures;  Maria Fernandes (CEBAL) moderate the talk on alternative uses to understory biomass; Sandra Pires (Hidrosoph) moderate the talk on reducing the time till the start of the production of non-woody products (ex: cork and pine nut); Pedro Silveira (ANSUB) moderated the talk on protection and promotion of the natural regeneration on silvopastoral systems; Paula Soares (ISA) spoke on crop budget and production tables for alternative forestry species, and finally Joana Amaral Paulo moderate the talks on Other topics and suggestions.

Participants will keep in touch, maintaining the RAIN objectives.