Spanish RAIN discuss agroforestry policies during their second meeting

Attendees participated in two working sessions where they discussed the legislative and policy needs that affect agroforestry practitioners, such as adapting policies to regional realities, and creating a European Agroforestry Plan that regulates and promotes this type of climate-smart agriculture. Results of the previous meetings across Europe were presented and RAIN members suggested innovative ideas and solutions to face bottlenecks and needs previously identified.

During the event, Rosa Mosquera, coordinator of AFINET, presented the European policy context for agroforestry systems and what is being done by the Administration to promote their implementation. Pieter Verdonckt from INAGRO also participated in the meeting, by explaining agroforestry practices in Belgium and his view on how Flemish policies affect them.

The day concluded with a field visit to Bosques Naturales, a farm that combines walnut and cherry tree plantations with intercropped corn and grazing sheep.

Spanish second RAIN meeting at AGROSFERA (national TV):

(From 7:59, resource available in Spanish only)