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Agroforestry: Opportunity for European landscape and agriculture (AGFOSY)

International project AGFOSY has a real ambition to build up a complex but at the same time flexible training system dealing with issue of agroforestry based mainly on case studies and best practice studies that will provide farmers with needed skills, knowledge, competences and even the motivation to implement agroforestry on their own farms.

The advantage of international cooperation is the possibility of mutual transfer of experience, because in some European countries, agroforestry is practiced less (such as Czech Republic, Slovakia) than in others (France).

The project addresses the development of agroforestry systems in partner countries, with the help of an analysis of the current situation and practice in the country. The analysis will be followed by the preparation of several case studies to present to the public successful examples of farms using the principles of agroforestry. Moreover these studies and examples of good practice, training materials and training platform will be developed.

The last of the project outputs will be the creation of short educational videos on the possibilities of agroforestry implementation at existing farms and the benefits of using it. Videos will be freely available on the internet.

The project AGFOSY is implemented under programme ERASMUS+ and will run for 2 years. AGFOSY project started in October 2018 and will last till September 2020.

Final videos and tutorials will be available in summer 2020. Seven organizations from six European countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Slovakia and Spain) are involved in the project.

Association of Private Farming of the Czech Republic is the main coordinator of the project and the second Czech partner is Czech Association for Agroforestry.