Paul Killguss dove deep into the Bavarian forests to look for Blueberries. In his M.Sc. thesis at Technical University of Munich, Germany, he worked together with a blueberry-farmer to analyze this forest farming system from tip to toe. Some of his findings already helped to improve the system.
Niels Mark Jacobsen wrote his master thesis on the effect of leaf hay on enteric methane formation in ruminants at Aarhus University, Denmark.
Masters’ Thesis by Claire Lombard conducted through Justus-Liebig-Universität, Gießen, Germany and University College Dublin, Ireland.
Marc-Robin Lückert designed as his Master thesis at University of Kassel (Witzenhausen) germany a holistic System for sutainable agroforestry in smale scale to demonstrate trendsetting Methodes.
Susanne Hale defended her Master's thesis on Intensive Silvopasture Systems for temperate regions in the Stockbridge School of Agriculture of the University of Massachusetts Amherst (USA).
Diana-Maria Seserman has defended her PhD thesis on agroforestry at the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus–Senftenberg, Institute of Environmental Sciences, Chair of Soil Protection and Recultivation. The dissertation was carried out under the BonaRes - SIGNAL project.
Sébastien Boinot defended his PhD thesis on agroforestry in the "Tropical and mediterranean cropping system functioning and management” joint research unit (UMR System).
Bachelor project in the Education for Natural Resources with the Specialization Plant Science by August Hermann Søndergaard (Denmark)
The objective of this PhD thesis was to describe the response of plant and invertebrate communities to alley cropping agroforestry and farming systems (conventional vs organic) and assess both the positive and negative effects of UVS on biodiversity conservation and biological control of weeds and crop pests.
Camille Imbert defended her PhD thesis on the mechanisms governing natural pest control in mixed fruit-tree-vegetable plots in the laboratory Plantes et Systèmes de culture Horticoles (PSH, INRAE, Avignon, France).