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EURAF Policy Briefing 7. Agroforestry and CAP Monitoring

 This Briefing considers how the Commission and Agricultural Ministers propose to measure the success of national measures included in their CAP Strategic Plans.  EURAF recommends that 

  • Result Indicator 17 is renamed from "Afforested Land (including agroforestry)" to "Afforested and Agroforested Land" - since establishing agroforestry is ABSOLUTELY NOT afforestation
  • Result Indicator 29 "Preserving Landscape Features" should be restored - it is astonishing that Agricultural Ministers are trying to remove this
  • Result Indicators in Strategic Plan Annual Reports should also cover the interventions of countries who have removed their forestry budgets from the CAP i.e. Ireland, Finland, Netherlands and parts of Germany.
  • It should be accepted that the proposed CAP Impact Indicators are not fit for purpose, and the Commission should consult widely on alternatives, and make new proposals next year in a Delegated Regulation.

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