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EURAF General Assembly, 4 June 2014

The EURAF General Assembly took place in Cottbus, Germany on Wednesday 4th June, 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm. All EURAF members, as well as all people attending the 2nd European Agroforestry Conference were welcome to participate.

Agenda of the General Assembly

1- Activity report by the 6 EURAF officers. Questions by the audience. Vote on the report (by hand). 30 minutes.
2- Financial report by the treasurer. Questions by the audience. Vote on the report (by hand). 15 minutes
3- Reports by national delegates about Agroforestry issues in their countries, including by internet if not present physically. Presentation of the new national delegates (if already elected). 45 minutes (5 minutes per country)
4- Priorities for EURAF during the next two years: debate. 60 minutes
5- Election of the six EURAF officers by secret ballot. Short self-intrioduction by the candidates and voting. 30 minutes.

Closure of the General Assembly by the newly elected president.

A short meeting of the renewed EURAF Executive Committee (officers + national delegates) followed.