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Germany launches the German Association for Agroforestry

Tuesday, June 25th 2019, the German Association for Agroforestry (DEFAF) will be founded in Berlin to promote the implementation of agroforestry systems as a sustainable land use system. The foundation assembly will take place at the premises of the Federal Association of German Foundations in Berlin.

During the first part of the event representatives of the host association, of the Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture (BMEL), the University of Freiburg, the German Farmer Association (DBV) as well as the German League for Nature and Environment (DNR) will welcome the participants and make statements on the topic from their perspectives. Furthermore, Prof. Werner Konold (University of Freiburg) will talk about agroforestry as a contribution to an innovative land use approach.

The DeFAF is a consolidation of diverse actors from the field, the scientific, political as well as the administrative sector, who have a special interest in encouraging and promoting the application of agroforestry without being led by any economic or ideological motivations.

Although agroforestry represents a promising instrument for sustainable land use, the practical implementation in Germany remains far beyond possibilities. One reason is the agricultural policy, which tolerates the integration of trees on farmland only to a limited degree. In comparison, other European countries such as France are far ahead concerning the use of agroforestry, despite the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of the EU aiming at a common approach to agriculture.

For that reason, the DeFAF seeks to encourage the establishment, the cultivation and management, the expansion and promotion of agroforestry systems in Germany. The association’s goal is to get together the various stakeholders from the ground, policy, administration and civil society in order to raise the awareness for the advantages of agroforestry and to reduce the existing scepticism and restraints.

The foundation assembly of the DeFAF will be a public event. Nevertheless, participants are kindly asked to register, as the space in the premises of the Federal Association of German Foundations is limited.

The registration form and further information regarding the event you find here.