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Innovation concept book published offers recommendations for a stronger implementation of agroforestry in Germany

Innovation concept book has been published as a result of the project AUFWERTEN offers recommendations for action for a stronger implementation of agroforestry in Germany. 

The handbook "Trees as an enrichment for agricultural land – an innovation concept for a broader implementation of agroforestry in Germany" comprehensively analyses the current situation of agroforestry in Germany and provides ideas and impulses for an improvement of the framework conditions. Its intention is to convey the essential possibilities and opportunities of agroforestry in a concise form in such a way as to facilitate thinking in contexts.

The user will therefore find numerous cross-references to tools and methodological formats to successfully take the necessary steps on the way to more agroforestry. Both practical experience and conceptual ideas are presented concisely and topic-specific. The present innovation concept is aimed at all farmers and service providers who want learn about the basics and applications of agroforestry, but also at representatives of local authorities, planning authorities, agricultural consulting companies, students and the interested public. It also focuses on aspects that may be of interest for agricultural administration and policy at various levels.

The first chapter provides background information on the necessity of establishing agroforestry in Germany and explains the advantages and disadvantages of this type of farming.

Chapter 2 defines the overall objectives of the innovation process from start and identifies its success factors. To ensure that the guidelines and the tools and methods developed by the authors are relevant for different stakeholders, they are developed for different interest groups and explained on a case-specific basis.

The main chapters 3 and 4 are subdivided into seven thematic fields of action:

  1. public relations and lobbying,
  2. economics, business models and marketing,
  3. environmental services,
  4. technology and logistics,
  5. legal and funding framework,
  6. consulting, education and training
  7. participation and the balancing of interests.

Finally, Chapter 5 lists the most important milestones on the way to more agroforestry in Germany.