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Rico Hübner : our new Treasurer !


Rico Hübner, a trained agricultural economist with a keen interest in environmental, social and policy aspects of agroforestry. Currently a postdoc scientist at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and active within the German Agroforestry Association DeFAF in Cottbus, responsible for international cooperation.

Rico Hübner was part of the previous EURAF board as vice secretary and serves again for the EURAF board as treasurer for the upcoming election period. He will make sure to find the balance amongst fellow agroforesters in all EURAF-member states. The different systems and their peculiarities require an openness to management options and measures that all need to be bundled trough EURAF. The chance is to get advices from countries with already well established policies and practices, will share their experiences and support with fellow EURAF-members. Besides managing the finances, Mr. Hübner will therefore help and improve the website, the newsletter, the agroforestry map of EUROPE, the featured farms, a.s.o., to in increase the benefits for EURAF members but also for the general public.

For the future, Rico Hübner will increase interaction between members of different national AF associations, gather multi media materials and trying to increase communication, outreach and involvement of stakeholders all along the agroforestry value chain and in science and policy. Participation in European projects will be a specific goal, to make EURAF more (financially) stable, strengthening its capacities as agroforestry Think Tank and fulfilling its role in making agroforestry an important and significant future land-use in Europe.


Rico Hübner (PhD Agricultural Science, MSc Environmental Planning, BSc Environmental & Resource Management)

Treasurer European Agroforestry Federation (EURAF)

Post-doc researcher at Technical University of Munich (TUM), Chair for Strategic Landscape Planning and Management

Lead of the International Section at the German Agroforestry Association (DeFAF)

rico [dot] huebner [at] europeanagroforestry [dot] eu