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Dr. Michal Pástor: EURAF national delegate of SLOVAKIA


Dr. Michal Pástor is researcher at the National Forest Centre, Forest Research Institute, Department of Silviculture.  He focuses mainly on research of biological and ecological assessment of the growth of selected domestic and introduced tree species in forest and agroforestry systems. Moreover he deals with nature-based solutions in agriculture and forest restoration and reforestation. In connection with black walnut, he is coauthor of the JUNIER cultivation program - an alternative to the cultivation of black walnut as a fruit and energetic tree species. Within this program, he is responsible for the research and promotion of black walnut cultivation for both professional and non-professional public. He was a member of the research team of the international project within Erasmus+ AGFOSY: Agroforestry: Opportunity for European Landscape and Agriculture and Interreg Central Europe project SUSTREE: Conservation and Sustainable Utilization of Forest Tree Diversity in Climate Change. At the national level, he was a member of the project Research and development to support the competitiveness of Slovak forestry" (SLOV-LES), in the stage "Research of the possibilities of using agroforestry systems in Slovakia", project of Slovak Research and Development Agency  entitled Ecological and productive possibilities of utilization of selected introduced tree species on forest and agricultural lands of Slovakia in changing climatic conditions and two other applied projects financed by the national research agency focused on forestry. 

He is author of more than 30 research articles (of which 11 articles in CC, WoS and Scopus databases). At the international level, he is a member of the GLOBAL WARMING and PESTS international working group within the EUROCHESTNUT NETWORK. He is a member of the international group NUT TREE SPECIES focused on nut tree species within EUFRIN (European Fruit Research Institutes Network) and at the national level he is part of the Slovak Society for Agricultural, Forestry, Food and Veterinary Sciences at the Slovak Academy of Sciences. 

He comes from a region, where the land has traditionally been managed for a long time and therefore he follows this tradition and tries to ensure food self-sufficiency for his family. Whenever his work duties allow him, he devotes his time to maintain own agroforestry system.


Michal practices agroforestry on a diversified plot, where chestnuts, grapevine, potatoes and several field crops are grown together (Photo: M. Pástor)



National Forest Centre
Forest Research Institute
Department of Silviculture
T. G. Masaryka 2175/22
96001 Zvolen



Mail: michal [dot] pastor [at] nlcsk [dot] org