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A specialisation Agroforestry Value Chains at VHL University in Holland


Van Hall Larenstein university is offering 6 fellowships to join the Master Agricultural production Chain Management with the specialisation Agroforestry Value Chainsnext school year (Fall 2021). This fellowship is for European students and this is a great opportunity for many future agroforestry transition managers!

This specialisation is part of FARM LIFE, a project subsidized by the European Union.

"An Agroforestry Chain Management specialist is prepared to be a transition manager across all levels of the agroforestry value chain. Agroforestry transition managers have the competences, skills and knowledge to understand (inter)national value chain mechanisms and facilitate the process towards People, Planet, Profit sustainability in the value chain following concrete market demands. They are competent in addressing issues with an integrated approach and have exceptional stakeholder management skills." Read more on the course flyer which contains all relevant information.