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"Young farmers apply ancient agroforestry practices" and “clever farmers plant trees”. Agroforestry in the spotlight

"Young farmers apply ancient agroforestry practices in the heart of Sardinia". Check this article published in Mongabaya non-profit provider of conservation and environmental science news.

While we are approaching EURAF 2020 conference, this science news site took a look at agroferestry activity in Sardinia.

The report is part of Mongabay’s ongoing coverage of trends in global agroforestry. Read the full article here.

“Slimme boeren planten bomen”, or “clever farmers plant trees”

Indus speaking Belgium, MO is is a recognised investigative online magazine that is turning its journalistic resources increasingly to the issues of managing that planet of ours not just a few weeks ago, it published this wonderful article explaining why indeed, the cleverest farmer so all planting trees. it's in Dutch, so enjoy or use Google Translate.