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Claire Lemarié : the new Deputy Secretary of EURAF!

 Photography: Jean-David Lemarié

Claire Lemarié has been a specialist advisor in agroforestry at the Chamber of Agriculture of Pays-de-la-Loire in France for 2 years. She studied agricultural engineering in Angers and has been interested in trees ever since she wondered about their functionalities in her father's organic farm. "Agroforestry" has really taken a place in her life since her internship at Mission Bocage in 2010.

After attending the European Agroforestry Congress as a student in 2016, she has participated as a speaker at the World Agroforestry Congress on two themes that are close to her heart: the obstacles to the development of agroforestry and the agroforestry systems such as agroforestry poultry systems.

For her, agroforestry is the constant creation of a balance between tree structures and agricultural production in order to promote the benefits from these agricultural systems and reduce disadvantages. The essential component? The human being. Indeed, at the heart of his system, each project leader expresses his objectives, identifies with an agroforestry design, plants and manages it sustainably. In fact, each agroforestry system is unique. Therefore, her work is to support the farmer from his starting point to the achievement of his goals, to help him open doors, to create possibilities.                                                                                                      

Her goal is to develop agroforestry. She shares this goal with all the actors walking alongside agroforestry farmers. As French delegate to EURAF since September 2019, she has helped to create links between French agroforestry networks and EURAF. Like an information interface, she has tried to weaken the language barrier, to facilitate exchanges on subjects such as the National Agroforestry Development Plan, measure 8.2 and the future CAP. Beyond these strategic topics, she wants to facilitate the exchange of experiences between European agroforestry workers by managing EURAF's LinkedIn and its website.


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