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A new specialization in “Agroforestry Systems” at the University of Padova

AIAF, the Italian agroforestry association, is glad to announce that, the next Academic year 2020-2021, will collaborate with the University of Padova (Dept. TESAF) in developing a new study track focused on “Agroforestry Systems” within the MSc in Forest and Environmental Sciences.

The course will provide students with insights in ecophysiology and management of agroforestry systems; agroforestry systems and soil properties; silvo-pastoral systems and ecosystem services; tree plantations; European policies and measures for supporting agroforestry.

The course in “Agroforestry Systems” will encourage students to analyze agroforestry systems by an ecosystem perspective taking into account the functionality, the complexity, the multiple interactions and the temporal dynamics of an ecosystem.

This comprehensive approach is fundamental to properly manage the natural and/or anthropogenic elements of an agroecosystem while providing a multiple set of services and goods.