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Report on the 6th Permaculture and Agroforestry conference in Hungary


On the 22th of January 2021, the sixth Permaculture, Agroforestry and Traditional Fruit Growing conference was held on an online platform organized jointly by the Hungarian Permaculture Association, Hungarian Agroforestry Network and the Carpathian Network of Traditional Fruit Growers. The conference theme was the role and significance of SOIL in alternative farming systems, how we can preserve, regenerate, and build this treasure for the next generations. The effect of Agroforstry systems on soil properties was priority topic, where Andrea Vityi, Zita Szalai, and Claudia Kovács (EURAF members) participated with presentations.

The morning session included thematic presentations from academics and practitioners followed by parallel workshops on soil conservation and its social-ecological context discussed in the afternoon sessions. Although recent scientific findings are included in the repertoire, returning participants of this annually repeated event know that practice plays a key role here. This time, we were not disappointed either: the more than 300 registered participants were once again able to get a lot of useful information and practical advice. We can’t wait to meet again next year, or this year in summer!

Zita Szalai and Andrea Vityi