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Support measure for the establishment of mid-field shelterbelts under RPD 2014-2020 in Poland


Since 1st June 2022, 8.1 afforestation measure is changed in Poland to include support for mid-field trees establishment. The main aim of the sub-measure is to be nitrate leaching reduction, water balance improvement and soil erosion protection and biodiversity increase. Aid will be granted for planting trees on arable land with an area of at least 0.1 ha and no more than 0.5 ha and a width of no more than 20 meters. The rates for the establishment of in-field tree stands will vary depending on the topography, i.e. above 12 degrees and in favorable conditions. Additionally, the costs of securing seedlings against game will be reimbursed. Only native species of trees or shrubs (including biocenotic or honey-bearing species), indicated in national regulations, may be used in the species composition of plantings, but deciduous species should account for at least 90% of the share. The support measure is to be continued in subsequent years under the Strategic Plan for 2023-2027. More information can be found in Polish on the website of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.


Robert BOREK
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